Frequently Asked Questions

Please Find a list below of questions that are commonly asked.

Does it need Planning Permission?

This is something we can determine and if required we apply for it as part of our contractual obligation to you. Even if Planning permission is not required we still apply for a Certificate of Lawful Development so you can have complete peace of mind.

Does it need Building Regulations Approval?

We can prepare the detailed plans and structural calculations required and apply for Building Regulations also as part of our contractual obligation to you.

How do we know our conversion is being constructed to Building Regulations?

We have to advise the Building Control Authority that work is going to begin at least 48 hours before it does. They will then send an Inspector to your home to monitor progress and ensure the work is being done properly and in accordance with the detailed plans. They visit several times during the project and you will subsequently receive a certificate confirming that your conversion conforms to the Building Regulations.

Do you employ your own skilled tradesmen?


Do you start a job and then leave it to begin others?


If we agree a price do you come back for more money once work begins?

No, definitely not.

Can work be done in bad weather?


Can we see some of your work?

Please feel free to visit our portfolio section to view a small selection of the work we have carried out, we can also arrange visits to previous projects.